Preseed your OS!

How does it work?

Just supply your OS's release code and you will be provided with a matching preseed/autoyast/kickstart/$whatever file. The codenames below link to the targets – it's just «?codename» attached to the URL.

This is just my own “this is what I'd personally need” stuff. Need something different? RTFM :) Feel free to use this as a kick-off inspiration.

What release codes are understood?

The following release codes will result in a preseed file in the future. Mind the “under construction” remark in the footer. If you are returned here, it's not implemented yet.

The codes are linked, just click them to see the actual result and URL to call.

stretch-kvmDebian9 (stretch) d9fbbcf0d97efa7214d0affe623ad2bf (md5) click
firewallDebian9 (stretch) 935888e9b1133e46399ba34bd525decf (md5) click
stretch-trainingDebian9 (stretch) d3d1e24f1dfc438648dd9ab35905d08b (md5) click
fedoraFedora28 click
leapOpenSUSE15.0 (Leap)
archArch Linuxnone (Rolling Release)